8 Ways to get Great Abs if You are a Girl

Hit any gym in America and you will see that today’s women are just as eager to shape up their bodies as the men. Unfortunately, women seem to have a difficult time sculpting their midsections. Generally, women must work much harder and longer to achieve the washboard abs they have been dreaming of. Fortunately, it’s not impossible! You just have to know the right methods that will work for you. The typical man’s ab workout isn’t going to work for every woman. Here are 8 ways to get great abs if you are a girl.

1. Practice the Inverted Bicycle

You might remember this little exercise from elementary P.E. class. Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and spin those legs like you are riding your bicycle. Always remember to breathe throughout your exercise time and pace yourself. To step it up, gently lift your head and crunch in as you “pedal”.

2. Try Some Abdominal Aerobics

You need to be moving your body to get the results you will need. You have to burn the belly fat before your ab muscles will be visible, no matter how toned they are! By burning fat cells you reduce the amount of fat you have in your abs and then begin to build muscle in it’s place. Step aerobics with knee lifts are a great abdominal exercise you can do from home.

3. Do Crunches Using an Exercise Ball

Crunches are a great way to shape up your abs. Sit on your exercise ball resting your lower back on the ball and placing your feet on the floor and place hands behind your head. Do crunches up and back while keeping your lower back on the ball.

4. Add Complex Core Exercises

Complex core exercises require you to keep your abs stable while your body moves. Using an exercise ball while doing pushups is an example of a core exercise. You can also play a game of tug-of-war to use these muscles as well.

5. Try Some Old Fashioned Sit-Ups

Sit-ups work the core of your body and they don’t require any equipment. For the best results, do fast paced sets and keep your form sharp. Focus on correct breathing and contracting your abs with each movement.

6. Do Repetitive Cardio Routines

These high energy routines can keep you moving and allow your body to firm up from top to bottom leaving you with great abs. Cardio routines and good for your overall health.

7. Try the Plank Position on Elbows and Toes

Lie face down and rest on your forearms. Push your body off of the floor resting body on your elbows and toes. Keep your back in a straight line with your head and toes. Tilt your pelvis and then hold for about 20 seconds. Lower back to floor and then repeat several times.

8. Don’t Forget Your Diet

Getting great abs takes more than exercise. You also need to eat a healthy diet designed to blast belly fat. Completely avoid all white flour products and cut sugar out of your diet. Eat plenty of protein which helps increase muscle growth which in turn, fuels fat loss. Also make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and most importantly, stay hydrated.


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