Body building and Weight loss

Body building and Weight loss

Body building and Weight loss

Inexorably entwine themselves symbiotically to tone your body muscles and affect easy loss of weight in the process. A special diet and proper exercises are basic ingredients that contribute to a healthy bodybuilding and weight loss program. When you combine a special low fat and high protein diet with cardio and weight training, you will build lean muscles, burn calories, fat, and lose weight steadily. Read on to find out how you can balance weight loss with bodybuilding for best results.


Sometimes, people get the impression that plenty of food is necessary when you take up bodybuilding. This is not true. The best way to eat is to have about six equally proportioned small meals with adequate nutrients each day. This way you will effortlessly build lean muscles without putting your insulin response or blood sugar levels at risk. You should avoid junk food during your bodybuilding and weight loss program because it will bring you highly negative results, since they contain no nutrients; instead, they are full of fat and sugar, both of which are detrimental to your efforts.


The bodybuilding and weight loss experts have concluded that you can achieve nothing without a proper diet. The right sequence of events first requires you to lose the excess body fat before you can even consider muscle-building. For this, you must change your eating style and include plenty of unprocessed food including raw, fibrous vegetables and fruits. Nutritious protein rich foods such as chicken, turkey, fish and other plant proteins will stand you in good stead in achieving your goal.


No bodybuilding program is complete without cardio exercises, which include swimming, jogging, running, cycling and the like. Cardio exercises when done in moderation easily contribute to systematic muscle-building. You achieve the best results by a balanced combination of cardio and weight training exercises. Light cardio exercises stimulate metabolism, which in turn burns more calories and fat, thereby helping you to lose weight without much effort.

Weight Lifting

Most experts insist on weight training (lifting) as an important input in systematic bodybuilding. Once you have lost your excess fat, you can join a good gym with a knowledgeable trainer who could instruct you how to go about weight lifting. If you gain sufficient knowledge on the subject and understand the dos and Don’t, you could even do your weight training exercises at home, provided you have space for a working bench, a set of dumbbells, training ball and exercise bands. Weight training on alternate days will build your muscle and maintain it, also giving sufficient rest to your muscles after each weight lifting session.

The path to your goal is both rough and thorny. Stride with confidence and patience until you achieve your dream of a good body that is the envy of every woman around.

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