Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for Women

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for Women

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for Women

Weight is now the most talked about health topic, with 40% of adults classed as overweight and 20% classed as obese. The health problems that are inherent with being overweight are well documented and include heart disease, digestion troubles and certain cancers. With an increasing number of children picking up bad habits from their overweight parents and, as such, an increasing number of children are becoming overweight, there is more impetus on parents to lose weight in order to set a good example for their children.

However, the main problems with much of the weight loss advice on the internet is that it doesn’t take into account the busy lifestyles that many people have, and a lot of advice is geared towards males; particularly on the exercise side.

Of course, there are places where weight loss tips for women can be found, yet these are usually weighted towards the dieting side and don’t take into account either sport or a busy lifestyle that many women have (which restricts the time that can be designated to cooking a healthy meal). The main advice that will be presented here are some quick women weight loss tips, which can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle!

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for WomenFood Section
The main question that many women ask is ‘what should we eat’? It is all well and good to say that you should cook a healthy meal every evening that covers all the main food groups in sufficient quantity but the fact is that there just isn’t time to do this. A busy lifestyle results in you getting home later but, more importantly, much too tired to cook a meal. Therefore, there are certain things that can be done to ensure that you have a healthy diet and are not inconvenienced because of it.

1. Eat soup and fit into the loop!

The best way to do this is to make soup. Contrary to the opinion of many, soup is actually a very filling and satisfying hot meal and can be made using any ingredients. The reason that this works is that soup, if created properly, gives you relatively few calories whilst still giving you the nutrition that is essential if you want to stay healthy. There is one trap to avoid when cooking soup, though; avoid all cream or milk that you may be advised to put in by recipes. These can easily be substituted by stock and water which will give it the same consistency with none of the calories. If the soup doesn’t taste as expected, add herbs and spices, or experiment with different ingredients. The best part is that if you make a large quantity of soup then it can last the whole week; all you have to do when you get home is heat the soup up – no unnecessary hassle.

2. Avoid Carbohydrate and Protein shakes!

Don’t mix carbohydrates and proteins. Both of these types of foods are rich in calories and are relatively ‘heavy’ foods – meaning that you will have to do additional exercise to work it off. If, as is the case for the vast majority of people, a lack of time dictates that you can’t do lots of exercise, this energy will be converted to fat which will stay on your body. By not eating both carbohydrates and proteins in the same meal, we take in a much more manageable amount of energy that can be used much more readily.

3. Eat slow and feel light like snow!

Eat slowly and deliberately. Because we are rushing when we get back from work, we tend to wolf down our food. We assume that our bodies work out that we are full and tell us to stop eating as soon as we get full, yet in reality it takes around 20 minutes for our stomach to tell our brain to stop eating. If you eat overly quickly then you run the risk of eating too much. In those 20 minutes you can eat a lot more food that your body doesn’t want; resulting in you gaining weight. Many women weight loss tips don’t identify this but over eating often comes as a result of eating too quickly; if you slow down your eating then you will lose weight.

4. Be wise and snack with size!

The main issue that is not addressed in many of the weight loss tips for women that can be found is the idea of snacking; all that is ever put forward is to stop snacking completely. In an ideal world, this would be perfect but in practice this doesn’t work and ignoring your stomach when it needs a snack leads to cravings and inefficiency when working. The question shouldn’t be whether to snack but what to snack on. The obvious answer is fruit which will fill you up and provide a burst of energy but the best thing to do is to drink water which gives you no calories yet also fills you up sufficiently until your next meal.

5. Chewing gum!

Chew gum or eat mints. The act of chewing is part of the digestive process which helps to simulate the process of eating. It has two main effects on you; it distracts you from your feeling of hunger and it makes your body believe that you are eating. The power of the mind mustn’t be understated here – if you convince your body that you are not hungry (through chewing gum or mints) then you will stop feeling hungry. However, you should pay attention when you decide to chew gum, as this habit is more delicate for a woman than a man, in terms of style and good manners.

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for WomenExercise Section

There are very few places offering weight loss tips for women that focus on exercise which means that it is often overlooked as a weight loss tip. However, there is only so far that dieting can take you before you have to start exercising, but it really shouldn’t feel like a chore! Exercising can be made incredibly fun if you throw yourself fully into it.

6. Collect your friends and fit the trends!

Make sure that you exercise with friends. Make no mistake about it, exercising is hard; you are intentionally working your body hard and making yourself tired and it will hurt after a time. Without someone there to motivate you; to cajole you and keep you going when it gets hard. Without this pushing, many people start to give up before they have felt any of the benefits of the exercise which defeats the object of exercising in the first place!

7. Aim and hit those targets!

Set yourself targets. Target setting is one of the most important things that you can do and is essential if you want to keep yourself going. It is very important to set a realistic target and because of this it is advisable to talk to a fitness trainer beforehand. They will be able to offer you advice and help to construct a timetable that you will be able to manage. This stops you from setting an unrealistic target that will merely serve to get you down or even hurt you! Learn more about this women weight loss tip in a more detailed article available on our website:  Weight Loss News, Healthy Diets Recipes and Motivation and Workout Routines.

8. Fill in the blanks!

Exercise around your other tasks. It is incredibly hard to find time to go to the gym as that usually means you have to set a good few hours aside for travel and exercise; something busy women of today simply don’t have. It is therefore important that you take every opportunity to exercise. If you keep some weights by the television, or the computer or even the bed, you can do a few repetitions whilst you are relaxing. This is a great weight loss tip for women with a busy lifestyle!

9. Discover your limits!

Make sure that you exercise in a manner that suits you. There will be many people who try to tell you how you should or shouldn’t exercise but you must do only what appeals most to you. Nobody knows your body better than you do and if you lift weights because you’re told to (for example) when your body isn’t able to handle it, you will do yourself damage or lose motivation because you don’t enjoy it. Whether you go to the gym or go for a jog, if you enjoy what you’re doing then you have more chance of continuing and, therefore, more chance of feeling the benefits.

10. Value your self image! (Special women weight loss tip!)

One issue that affects women more than men is self image. It is very important that you think positively about what you’re doing and the effect it is having on you. Don’t think about how you look when you’re at the gym or running along the road – no-one is judging you and the only thoughts that people will have is admiration and a wish that they could have the same drive and determination. And in any case, for the sake of being a little bit sweaty for an hour you can look fantastic for the rest of your life; certainly worth it!

Therefore, make sure you follow at least a couple of these 10 weight loss tips for women and you will be well on the way to slimming down to your natural size. Good luck!

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