Healthy sleep! Tips for a good night’s sleep

Healthy Sleep Tips

Healthy Sleep Tips

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Only when we have problems getting on or staying asleep, we appreciate this. Do not let it come so far. Sleep is definitely not a waste of time or just for lazy people, as this was the beginning of our industrialization kept the people. In other countries, even the custom of afternoon nap – even in the highly developed Japan!

Set. Your sleep in the center of your life Take your time and prepare for your sleep every night with some rituals before it. Give yourself the break – at least 6 hours, up to 9 hours a day. You will find that you are much more relaxed afterwards and concentrated.

Always keep in mind: Sleep is important – for our body and our mind.

The most important sleep advice in a nutshell:

1) –  Relaxing music

Particularly suitable are quiet, gentle pieces. Special relaxation music there is in music stores.

2) –  A hot bath is relaxing

Especially if it is enriched with a bath oil or salt, which contains einschlaffördernde substances.

3) –  A cup of herbal tea

Drunk half an hour before bedtime. Herbs are particularly well suited as: balm, valerian, hops.

4) –  Never go to bed with a full stomach

When the body is busy with digestion, it is not set to sleep. You restless sleep and wake up at night easier on. The last meal should be taken at least 3 hours before bedtime.

5) –  Do nothing other than sleeping in bed

Who is reading in bed, watching TV or even circulated problems should not be surprised if he can not sleep. The body learns to bring the bed with activities other than sleep together. The fatal consequence: the body is set to Activity. An activity is the exception: sex! Because physical and mental relaxation then increase the sleep.

6) –  Only to bed when you are really tired

The body shows through his tiredness sleepiness. In other words, your body gets the sleep he needs it. So why, if you are not tired to bed? Listen to your body and not your clock.

7) –  Take out the bedtime ritual

Get in the habit, always pursue the same activities before bedtime. Do things that make you enjoy, such as read, write, diary, walking etc.

8) –  Place an apple next to the bed

An age-old home remedy. The scent of a fresh apple promotes relaxation.

9) –  Stand every morning at the same time

You will see your body gets used to it quickly. If your internal clock knows when it’s time to get up, you will get with the times and in the evening in time the necessary bed severity. As I said, the body gets the sleep he needs.

10) –  milk with honey

Drink before going to bed a glass of hot milk with a spoon of honey. This calms.

11) –  Make A Good Night Walk

Many people can sleep better at night after you have a little stretch their legs.

12) –  essential oils

Scents have a great impact on our mood. In stores, there are a wide range of suitable perfume oils. Heated over a candle, they give off a soothing and relaxing scent.

13) –  Cool colors relax

Make sure that in your bedroom cool colors such as blues and greens – dominate.

Attention to warm colors stimulate more.

14) –   you worry adequate humidity

Dry indoor air can have a negative impact on sleep. Therefore (45-65 percent relative humidity)

15)  –   Drink a glass of wine before bedtime

Alcohol in small amounts acts (max. 0.21 1 glass of wine or beer!) A favorable effect on sleep. But be careful: too much alcohol worsens the quality of sleep!

16) –   No plants in the bedroom

Potted plants, cut flowers but also, do produce oxygen during daylight, we all need to breathe, in the dark, however, they represent the production of oxygen and give off carbon dioxide instead unhealthy.

17) –  you learn relaxation techniques

Today there are many different methods on how to learn to relax. Tip: Check with your health insurance or Präventologen in your area. Almost all offer such courses.

18) –  A massage can be wonderfully relaxing

It is not important that they have orthopedic expertise. The main thing is that you feel comfortable there. This method has only one catch: you need a partner.

19) –  Think Positively

If you can not come to rest, the hustle and bustle of the day, try to think of something pleasant, Nice and Quiet. This can be a shady forest glade on a summer morning be a cozy blazing fire, a basket of young playing kitten. Even the thought of a sleeping baby can help.

20) –  counting sheep

This tip is quite serious. It is of course not important whether you are sheep, cows, deer or car count. Important: Always back up the monotony of a uniform repetitive movement distracts the mind. The mind can relax and so find peace.

21) –  Pleasant room temperature

In winter, a bedroom can be quite a bit heated. Make sure that the room temperature is not below 16 ° -18 °. To cool rooms tend to mold growth, as the moisture of the body excretes can not dry at night.

22) – Proper ventilation

Proper ventilation is not tilted day and night to keep the windows: better ventilation is the so-called intermittent ventilation. We recommended at bedtime and in the morning after getting the proof for about 15 minutes to fully open. In this method, a real fresh air exchange takes place in space. Caution: – Do not reheat immediately, otherwise there is the risk of mildew!

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