Guest Post

Guest Post

Hi to all contributors! My name is Aakriti Chandan and i am the owner and main author of Get Holistic Health. At last i have managed to start my guest posting on my website and now you also have this great opportunity to post your content. Let me tell you something more about it. The main advantage you will have is that my blog is bringing huge audience both in search engines and social networks.


Now for the Guidelines!

When you want to submit an article for a review you must read my rules!

1 Rule: You need to submit only good relevant and absolutely unique content to my website!

2 Rule: You are allowed to post no more than 2 OBL links!

3 Rule: The article must be at least 300 words and structured right with breaks and paragraphs!

4 Rule: The article must be relevant to the categories, and no abusive content like…you know what! 😉

5 Rule: What is it about this post? What to learn and experience our readers?

6 Rule: What specific benefits does the contribution to our readers?

These are my rules and remember that i personally audit and review your article.

Is this with a commentary of interest to you, then please send us an e-mail to dietitiantips{@}gmaildotcom


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